Pricing and Packages

The packages listed below are based on 90 minute sessions. The frequency and length of sessions are flexible, though most students find one or two 90 minute sessions per week to be ideal. We require a first-time minimum purchase of three 90 minute sessions (the First Time Package) due to the significant amount of preparation that our coaches and tutors do in advance of the first few sessions. You may purchase a First Time Package of three 60 minute sessions for standard tutor service only. See package rates below. Although we have found the options listed below to be well aligned with our students’ needs, we are happy to develop customized packages to fit your student’s needs.

Prices and packages

Exclusively You Academic Coaching and Tutoring two-fold  objective is to offer quality but affordable tutoring as well as to provide jobs to qualified individuals in the local  community. 

*Standard Tutors are students from the local and surrounding areas high schools with a 3.5 GPA or above and has been trained by the senior staff and academic coaches of Exclusively You Academic Coaching and Tutoring. With a 3.5 GPA they are expected to be well rounded in high school curriculum and will be best suited to tutor students from elementary to middle school.   

Students that can benefit from standard tutoring are students who may be doing well overall but are struggling a little  in one or two subjects. Student will more than likely be passing and promoted to the next grade but will need assistance in maintaining their grade level and/ or GPA.

*Senior tutors are trained tutors that have graduated college or are in their junior year or above. They will have  a GPA of 3.0 or above and may have a particular subject of interest. For example, if your student is really struggling with  a particular subject they will be paired with a senior tutor with that  particular expertise. 

Students that can benefit from senior level tutoring are students that are struggling in several subjects or having a very hard time understanding one particular subject. These students may be at risk for not being promoted to the next grade level. These students may lack motivation and will need some assistance in building their confidence and may need to learn new ways of learning and studying. At least 50 minutes of session will be spent on lesson and additional time will be spent in helping students gain better study habits and time management skills.

*Academic Coaches are trained coaches and/or teachers with a Master degree or above. They will be well versed in all areas of academia and will have expertise in certain areas such as Reading or Math.  Academic Coaches will work with your student on both the subjects they are struggling with  as well as help them find direction relating to their  career path and personal development.  

One half of the tutoring/coaching session will be spent tutoring in the desired subject. The other half of the session will be spent helping the student figure out their career path through a series of in-depth assessments, analysis, research and discussion.  

*Prices are subject to change

*Prices reflect the geographical location of the physical offices as well as Exclusively You Academic Coaching and Tutoring desire to make tutoring and coaching affordable for all who desire it.

*****Don’t forget to ask about your first time customer or other promotional discounts.

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