Online: How it Works

welcome to your virtual classroom

Online Coaching and tutoring offers a flexible alternative to those needing the convenience of one on one tutoring without the the stress and hassle of traveling to a physical location.

The Coach/Tutor and student talk live and work together on a whiteboard using easy to install free software.

Exclusively You Academic Coaching and Tutoring will use a variety of methods and tools to engage the student in online learning.

Students and coaches will engage in video conferences and chat via the use of Skype VoIP and/or other mutually agreed upon video conference technology.  Whiteboard will be used to assist the students in learning and understanding complex lesson plans.

We use the same curriculum as followed in your school. Our tutors and coaches work with the same lesson plans and exercise problems as in the school.

Online Tutoring offers

  • Better Grades
  • Flexibility
  • No commutes/ No stress
  • Convenience
  • Personalized lesson plans 
  • One on One tutoring
  • And more 

Please contact Dr. Tonya White Johnson  for your FREE consultation to assess your academic coaching and tutoring needs. At Exclusively You Academic Coaching and Tutoring we cater to you, Exclusively You!  CLICK HERE for Pricing and Packages. Enroll today!  

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